Corporate Philosophy

Revolutionary drug discovery with
patient iPSCs helps weave the threads of a healthy life.

Innovative drug discovery with iPSCs derived from patients for treatment of intractable diseases realizes accurate prediction of medicinal efficacy, precise classification of targeted patients, and appropriate pricing for medicinal compounds. This innovative method, called “iPSC-based Drug Discovery: from dish to bedside”, engineers the results of academic research into social benefits.
Time Therapeutics implements iPSC-based Drug Discovery towards its goals of effective application of approved drugs, intervention through preventative medicine, establishment of an efficient drug discovery platform, and expansion of substances that can be used as medicinal materials.
Time Therapeutics Inc., a start-up company based on technology developed at Kyoto University, provides treatments for intractable diseases. Achieving our goal of controlling intractable diseases provides hope for society while assuring sustainable growth of the company.
By developing cures for intractable diseases using iPSC-based drug discovery, Time Therapeutics aims to offer “therapeutics” that generate “time”, perhaps the most irreplaceable item on any patient’s wish list.
Business Plan:
Time Therapeutics aims to maximize utilization of company assets, including the iPSC-based Drug Discovery method established by our founding scientist; wide-ranging connections within a diverse network of basic research-clinical development pipelines and key opinion leaders in the field of medicine; rich experiences of basic research, preclinical, and clinical development in the pharmaceutical industry; and extensive management experience of university-based start-up companies. Our short-, mid-, and long-term goals, starting from corporate establishment, are as follows:
  • ● Short Term (1st-2nd years): secure R&D resources through joint R&D agreements with pharmaceutical companies
  • ● Mid Term (3rd-4th years): establish and foster multiple clinical development pipelines (3 clinical trials in addition to TTM-001)
  • ● Long Term (5th-7th years): obtain manufacturing and marketing approval for TTM-001